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Originating in China and dating back to the time of Confucius, Mah Jongg remains the most popular game in Asia. The word “Mah Jongg” comes from the Chinese word for sparrow. It was originally played solely by the ruling classes; the Mandarins refused to permit other inhabitants of the country to enjoy the pleasure of this aristocratic pastime.


A beautiful blend of dominoes and gin rummy, the game is played with a set of over 130 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, with regional variations for a number of tiles and a card for making hands that changes every year. The hands are made up of different combinations of numbered tiles in three suits – cracks, bams and dots. There are also dragons, winds, flowers, and sometimes jokers that make the hands even more complex and exciting to put together.

The goal? Be the first one to put together a hand of 14 tiles. Mah Jongg is a game of skill, strategy and calculation with a generous helping of luck thrown in.


Mah Jongg is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity; it is estimated that there are hundreds of millions of players around the world today. If you are a Mah Jongg fanatic, we hope you pass on the love of this great pastime to someone else.

A word of encouragement: it doesn’t take long to master the elementary principles of the game. Your patience in mastering the fine points of Mah Jongg will be repaid many times by the keen enjoyment invariably derived from the game.

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